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A strong believer of commitment and dedication to the cause of Christ. As the Director of Christian Educator, I am an advocate for the spiritual development of adults and children, as the Word of God is imparted to them. My passion for the education of children escalates as I observe them
growing in The Word.

My vision for them is that they internalize and live the Word as they mature
and be people who please God. As productive members of society, they
will be lights which will illuminate dark paths. The embedded Word will help
them to make good choices in the world of darkness and chaos.

Minister Meikle - Director


To encourage, strengthen, educate, and equip Christian leaders to become effective and personally involved in leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.


  • To serve Jesus as we motivate, equip, and involve all segments of the congregation in building the kingdom in local, national, and global outreach.
  • To facilitate the reaching of lost people, especially the unreachable, e.g. prisoners, sick, elderly and shut-ins.
  • To make Gospel Assembly Church accessible to all by planting and empowering churches around the world.
Deacon Viamontie - President

The mission of the Men’s Ministry at Gospel Assembly Church is to be the arm of the church that helps men to become spiritually empowered, to be more committed to working in the kingdom and to foster a greater social brotherly interaction amongst ourselves and the community at large.


  • To convey the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • To be an example of love and respect to each other.
  • To strive for improvement and excellency in mentoring and fellowship.
  • To inspire, empower and equip men to fulfill the great Commission.
  • To encourage, develop and cultivate praying and studying habits.
  • To study the Holy Scriptures regularly to gain a deeper understanding of Jesus and bringing souls to His Kingdom.
Missionary Dilworth - President

The Mission of the Women’s Ministry at Gospel Assembly Church is to
model Jesus Christ through meaningful relationships and develop a caring
community of women devoted to Him.


  • To minister to women’s unique needs by purposely training and equipping them for service.
  •  To cultivate a spirit of unity by collaborating with the Missions, Youth and Men’s Ministries.
  •  To empower women to seek a higher level of spiritual maturity in Christ through knowledge of biblical principles and doctrine.
Missionary Taylor - President

“Where no counsel is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety,” Proverbs 11:14.

Empowered to Affect Positive Change Through Spiritual Guidance and Emotional Support.


  • Reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Builds greater Self-Confidence
  • Encourages Better Relationships
  • Develop Assertiveness
  • Fosters Emotional Intelligence
Sister Harris - President

“The official communication arm of the Gospel Assembly Church.”


The Mission of the Follow-Up Ministry of Gospel Assembly Church is to establish & foster relationship with visitors to engraft them in the Kingdom of God by encouragement and connecting with them every two or three months.


  • To establish and foster communicative proficiency with our visitors, our members, and the community, with the hope of creating connections that lead souls to Christ and fulfilling the church’s vision.
  • Collaborate with Missions to communicate more frequently with brethren to assist with needs to maintain growth of GAC.
  • To effectively follow up with new and returning visitors, and with shut-ins to cultivate and nurture a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.
Missionary Bailey - President


The mission of the Youth Ministry at Gospel Assembly Church is to encourage young men and women to live a life that glorifies God by instructing them in the core doctrines and disciplines of the Christian faith.


  • To expand their knowledge of the Word of God.
  • To make disciples of our youths that they too will go out into the nations making disciples of others.
  • To inspire our youths to be good stewards of their time and resources.
  • To maximize their potential as children of God.
  • To assist our youths in discovering their gifts and teach them to express those gifts to glorify God.
  • To provide guidance through mentoring, fellowship and prayer.
  • To build a social network through group/recreational activities.