Meet Our Bishop

Over 30 years of service — The Man and the Mission 

Bishop Lloyd G. Blake was born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. He accepted Christ at the young age of 14. After graduating from Mico Teachers College, he taught for a short time at Christian High School, Manchester before migrating to the United States where he married his friend, Carrol Miller.

Together they travelled to Brooklyn for several years to attend the Gospel Tabernacle Church where they grew under the tutelage of the late Bishop Samuel Green. In God’s perfect time, he became an Assistant Pastor after which he was promoted to pastoring his first church in 1988 in the Bronx. During this time, he studied and graduated from Fordham University (Rose Hill Campus) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing Management.

He began church with 8 brethren, but soon outgrew the small space they occupied. Bishop Blake and the saints purchased the Bronxwood property in 1996. Shortly after, the prophecy went forth that our church would become a multi-cultural/national church. We experienced God’s promise when in a short space of time we started a ministry in Lithonia, Georgia in a building that was fully paid off. Not long after we responded to the Macedonian call from Tortola, BVI where a daughter work was started, under the leadership of the visionary Bishop Blake.

The growth continued and after much prayer and fasting the decision was made to buy and relocate to a 500 plus seat sanctuary in Mt. Vernon.
The vision of our Bishop is still not complete. He is still looking areas that need the Word of God, so that a plentiful harvest can be reaped. Bishop Blake still stands by our motto, “Reach, Teach and Win; our Goals are Souls!